Become an Amicus Global member

Amicus Global welcomes all those who agree with its purposes to join as a full member. Membership supports the charitable work of Amicus Global and gives the member discounts at various events throughout the year.

Silver membership is $25 per annum and entitles the applicant to full constitutional membership of Amicus Global. This includes receiving full voting rights at convocations of the association.

Membership Special: $10 annual fee – only lasting until April 2021

How do I sign up?

You will need to fill out a membership form and email or post it to the Principal Secretary. Please choose one of the links below to download your membership form. Scroll down further for payment options.

I want to manually fill out the form:


I want to fill out the form on my computer:

You will need to download it and open it in pdf software such as Adobe.


Where do I send the membership form?

Please send your membership form to either or PO Box 409, North Adelaide SA 5006.

Payment options

12 Month membership subscription – Silver

For a 1-year membership subscription, please select the button below. (A one off payment of $25). Please ensure you also fill out and return a membership form.

Annually renewing subscription – Silver

This membership will automatically renew every 12 months, please select the button below. (You will be billed $25 every 12 months, until you cancel your subscription). Please ensure you also fill out and return a membership form.

Other payment options?

Payment can also be made in person or via a bank transfer. Please CONTACT US for more details.

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